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My Approach to wedding videos

My relaxed, cinematic approach to wedding videography for producing creative wedding films

My approach to filming is relaxed, unobtrusive, and candid. I do not want to turn your wedding into a film production. I am simply there to document the day as it happens. I won’t make you pose, I won’t set up shots, and you won't be forced to do anything ‘cheesy’ or uncomfortable. 
If you are having the best day of your life (which is pretty likely!) then capturing that is pretty simple. That makes my job super easy and allows me to capture truly honest, incredible footage.
I’m in the background just finding beautiful moments with my camera. One of the best compliments I hear from couples is “We didn’t even know you were there!”
I will film 90% of the day with just a single camera and look like a guest. Being able to fit in and disappear amongst your family and friends is my superpower. It allows me to get the most incredible shots as people are so relaxed around me.

Couples seek me out due to my relaxed and personal approach. I am a trusted supplier with a passion who delivers natural, elegant and creative wedding films. If you're looking for cinematic wedding videography with a relaxed yet luxurious touch, we will be a good fit!

Documentary Style Wedding Videography

Rather than construct shots or situations that are not natural, or feel forced, I prefer to let your day unfold as it should. With no interruptions from me.

Being able to document your wedding in a documentary style allows me to capture only the most candid, beautiful moments.

You can read more about my wedding video packages or browse my wedding films to see if you connect with what I do.